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Competition drive Tk „Partizan


this is the club i grew up in, the club i won numerous titles with, brings back childhood memories


the club that believed in me at the start which gave me the mentality to keep diggin’ –

This project is aimed primarily at players who are trying to break into the domestic and international scene and for those who already play a lot in international tournaments. We will do our best to uncompromisingly offer high quality training and other conditions, so that the players get what they need in the race with the best peers from the country and the world. Each player is specific with his weaknesses and good qualities, and we direct the entire program and work towards the individual.

The training is designed to enable all players to optimally use the time spent on improving all segments of importance for the tennis game.
Within the Partizan tennis club, optimal conditions have been created, which enable the implementation of such an idea. We have a large number of courts with clay, (and in winter two courts under the balloon hall on clay and one court on a fast surface) We have changing rooms, rooms for lectures and video analysis…
The first step after arrival is the so-called player profiling through various tests:


IT IS PERFORMED A battery of motor tests consists of tests to assess speed, acceleration, agility, explosive power of the lower and upper extremities, ABDOMINAL WALL, hand coordination, endurance…

After the assessment of motor skills, there is an assessment of technical and tactical characteristics, as well as sense and feeling for the tennis game.

Based on the obtained results and mutual relations, an individual work program is prepared for each participant, in accordance with the assessed technical, tactical, and psychophysical characteristics.

Then the schedule and plan of the tournament is made.

We also conduct some training sessions in the classroom, where the lectures discuss the basics of the tennis game and various issues related to training, matches, tactics, nutrition, watching video material…
We also provided coaching monitoring at tournaments in which our competitors participate, which we believe is of great importance for progress and getting a true picture of what needs to be done in the upcoming training process.
Licensed coaches work with the players, who have already proven themselves with exceptional results in working with the best players in Serbia and the world. We also have a large number of top competitors of all ages, as well as a large number of sparring partners, so we have provided an exceptional level of sparring for all levels from the age of 12. up to ATP and WTA players.
Experts of various profiles are involved in the entire project (fitness trainers, physical education professors, doctors of various specialties).

For all information and questions, contact the club administration.

Teniski klub Partizan

Naši vrhunski teniski tereni i profesionalni treneri omogućit će vam da poboljšate svoju igru i uživate u igri.


Humska 1, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

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